May 2021 Meeting - Hall table project

Mon, May 10 2021, 7 - 9pm

Full size mock up of the hall table in its intended location
A full sized mock up of the table has been placed in its intended location to help the author understand how the table will fit into the decor of the room - Photo courtesy of the author

There are many ways to design furniture from simple sketches, through to CAD models and detailed mock ups. Some furniture makers choose to design on paper then build the piece. Others choose to design on paper, and then build a mock up of the piece to confirm that it meets their requirements before building the final piece.

Carolyn will be talking about the process that she used on her long running hall table project in conjunction with her collaborator Peter Bell.

She will start at the beginning of the project that started with a design course then talk about tweaking the design, planning the build, construction of the table and the jigs required to make it, and challenges they have encountered along the way.

There will also be the usual “Show, Tell and Ask” session so please bring along suitable items for a brief presentation.  If you have such items, please see Carolyn Ellis before the commencement of the meeting so that time can be allocated to include them in the programme.

Melville Wood Turners

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