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Timbecon Special Meeting Report


This was the first “special” meeting we have had in quite a while and Timbecon made us very welcome.

The evening was held at their premises in Canning Vale and the shop was opened especially for our members who were able to browse and check out the stock both before and after the presentation. There were about 27 members present and the talk was all about the different types of Sherwood router tables that were available and the benefits that each one provided.

Photo of a Sherwood Router table

Dane introduced himself and talked about their range of tables, with the first one on display being their Sherwood Router table kit, new cast iron top and lift combo which was an impressive combination if you were looking for all the features in one place. Having the lifting mechanism built in takes out many of the problems associated with adding them on at a later stage.

He then showed us the same router table but this time with a fully digital lifting system that once you set the initial parameters could be lifted or lowered in very small increments including raising the router for changing the cutters.

On all these tables you could choose to fit either a melamine/MDF router top or a cast iron one, and you could choose to suit either your standard router, a round body router motor or the one I think impressed everyone most was the CNC water-cooled spindle motor which ran whisper quiet!

Photo of FWWA members discussing the panto router with Dane from Timbecon

The last item we were shown was the “Panto Router Joinery system” which suits the AEG routers. Dane had a mortice and tenon furniture joint that he had made earlier, and a sample of the box joint it could produce. Whilst he said that you needed practice with the initial setting up, once you were happy with the fit of your sample joint it could reproduce the very same joint as many times as you wanted!

You can watch the video at

Photo of various router products

We all took the opportunity for a hands-on inspection of each of these items and having Dane answer all sorts of questions about the products on display.

We would like to thank Timbecon for their invitation and Dane, Tracey and all their staff that helped on the night to make sure that we had an entertaining presentation

Timbecon Perth

31 Canvale Road
Canning Vale WA 6155