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Intermediate Veneering Workshop


We recently ran our first intermediate veneering workshop at Ian Houghton’s in Mt Lawley.

With six participants of varying skill levels, Ian started by explaining the different techniques that he is presently using on his projects, including how to stain your own veneers and which method will achieve the best results.

Inlay Samples

He then explained the benefits of stacking your veneers and patterns into a package using straw board for the top and bottom layers, trying contrasting colours for the three different layers, and understanding how different grain direction will affect how it reflects the light.

Scroll Saw Practice

Having drawn three shapes and taped their package together, everyone was shown the various methods of cutting, but the two scroll saws soon became firm favourites.

Following each cut, usually from top to bottom, you needed to re-tape the package which helped eliminated the kerf of the saw blade.

Participants at Work

The intention was to produce three or four layers of veneer patterns using different methods and understanding that they can produce remarkably different results depending on your selection of colours and grain direction.

I am sure that everyone went home with a better understanding of how their choices can make a dramatic difference to how the result of a veneer inlay will look.


Mt Lawlwey