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Raw Edge Furniture Visit

Raw Edge Furniture


Join us for a visit to the Raw Edge Furniture workshop in O'Connor. Not only do they make beautiful furniture but they also do wood machining for cabinet makers, fellow furniture makers and builders to DIY makers and hobbyists.

Raw Edge Furniture was founded by David Eastwood in 2005, in a small workshop in Fremantle, working as a solo operator. But the real beginning happened with Dave as a young kid.

He grew up surrounded by woodwork and was immersed in it, making little projects for himself like skateboards and go-karts. When the time came, it felt like a natural progression for him to pursue his interests with a Furniture Making Apprenticeship in Fremantle WA.

As with most humble beginnings of small businesses, Raw Edge Furniture’s first clients were friends and family. Word of mouth soon spread and with increasing orders, Dave took on another woodworker to meet demands and further grow the business.

Today, Raw Edge Furniture, is in a bigger, better, fully equipped and bustling workshop with a dedicated team of 6. What stays true from the beginning to today is the genuine care and attention to detail that goes into every piece, project and customer that comes through our workshop. We ensure they get excellent service, quality and a superior product that will be treasured for lifetimes. It’s what gives meaning to our work.



Raw Edge Furniture

Raw Edge Furniture
30 Murphy Street
O'Connor WA 6063