Out of the Woods Exhibition and Competition Terms and Conditions

Adult Entries

  1. Conditions are to be read in conjunction with the Entry Form and Competition & Exhibition Category descriptions.

  2. The Novice category is restricted to entrants with less than five years experience in woodcraft (not a full time student or a professional) and who have never entered any Out of The Woods Competition.

  3. Entries shall be predominantly the work of the entrant. Where there is more than minor or incidental work content provided by others this shall be noted in the Description section of the Entry Form. An item shall be entered in one category only.

  4. Entries may be lodged on-line on the form

  5. Items must have been completed after 1st October 2020 and not previously have been awarded a prize in any Exhibition.

  6. The Curator must receive entry forms and fees by Tuesday 4th October 2022. Payment must accompany the entry form - by Cheque, Postal Note or by direct debit to Fine Wood work Association WA (Inc) BSB 306-035 Account 416- 308-7.

  7. Items must be delivered to the Curator at the Cannington Exhibition Centre & Showgrounds, corner of Albany Hwy and Station Street, between 8:00AM and 12:00 NOON, Friday 7th October 2022.  ITEMS NOT RECEIVED BY 12.00 NOON ON FRIDAY WILL NOT BE JUDGED. Persons delivering items for registration will be issued with a receipt, which should be held and presented as evidence of ownership at collection on Sunday. See condition 12 also.

  8. Transportation and packaging of items to and from the Exhibition is the responsibility of the entrant. Entrants’ names shall not be shown or attached to any entry to ensure anonymity during judging. (If the entrants name or other identification is on the item the Curator may elect to cover such identification during the judging.)

  9. The Exhibition Curator reserves the right to reject any item or to place it in another category. Rejected items shall be collected by arrangement with the Exhibition Curator no later than 5:00PM, Sunday 9th  October 2022.

  10. Any Item may be offered for sale. The FWWA WA Inc shall deduct and receive a commission of 10%. A 10% deposit will be taken for each sale, payable to Fine Wood Work Association WA (Inc). A receipt will be issued for the deposit. Delivery to the buyer and collection of the balance of the sale price is the responsibility of the seller.

  11. All items shall remain on display for the duration of the Exhibition including sold items. Neither the Exhibition Curator nor the FWWA WA Inc shall be responsible for the cost of packaging and transportation of items sold.

  12. Items must be collected from the event between 3:00PM and 5:00PM, Sunday 9th August 2022. Neither the Curator nor the FWWA WA Inc shall be responsible for any items not collected by 5:00PM, Sunday, 9th August 2022.

  13. An entrant may authorize another person to collect his/her item by written authority lodged with the Curator. The person picking up the entry should also produce the receipt issued at registration.

  14. The Exhibition Curator will take reasonable care of items but take no responsibility for damage, theft, or loss. Insurance for items is the responsibility of the entrant.

  15. Items may be photographed and publicized for promotional purposes.

  16. The entry fee for adults is $10.00 per item entered.

  17. Judging will not take place nor will prize/money be awarded unless a minimum of 5 entries is received in any category. The Curator has the right to place entries into another category if fewer than 5 entries are received.

  18. The judging criteria can be viewed at  Judging Process Adult Categories

  19. The Judges’ decision is final and binding. No correspondence or discussion will be entered into.

  20. If the entry piece is fitted with locks the Curator must receive a key for judging purposes. Special features should be included in the description field on the entry form, e.g. secret drawers