Box making was the topic of the October meeting. Martin Burgoyne and Tad Yamamoto spoke about the Japanese Incense Ceremony and the boxes that Martin made for Tad's wife and himself. Warren Murphy then spoke about the Jewellery boxes that he made for his extended family.

Photo of a can of Evolution Oil

Well, it was a bit different having to remember to bring our own chairs for a meeting, but a welcome change to be back at the Perth Wood School, Carolyn welcomed all the members present and got the AGM started straight away, once again this took a short time and our normal meeting was underway soon after.

Photo of FWWA members discussing the panto router with Dane from Timbecon

This was the first “special” meeting we have had in quite a while and Timbecon made us very welcome.

The evening was held at their premises in Canning Vale and the shop was opened especially for our members who were able to browse and check out the stock both before and after the presentation. There were about 27 members present and the talk was all about the different types of Sherwood router tables that were available and the benefits that each one provided.

Photo of the mini-CNS machine

Our August meeting did not go as planned. Our guest speaker, Niel Morley, was unable to attend the meeting due to a death in his family. Our thoughts are with Niel and his family during this time.

Several of our members stepped up at short notice to speak about things that they were working on.

Photo showing a completed gunstock

Our main presentation tonight was by Ken Davis who makes gun stocks and repairs telescopic sights. Ken talked about how he selects the timber for the stock, shaping the stock to the customer, and how he finishes them.

Teaser photo showing some completed wheels on the tablesaw sled used to create them

Barry Viner spoke about making wheels for his grandkids' toys in the second presentation of the night,

Teaser photo showing the table top

Our primary talk was by our President, Carolyn Ellis, who talked about the hall table that she has been working on for a couple of years with her collaboration partner Peter Bell.

Photo showing Ian standing next to two of his torsion boxes

There were two presentations for this meeting. Ian Houghton spoke about constructing torsion boxes. Laurie and Mark Pearson then described how they designed and built their pyramid shaped wine rack.


The Fine Wood Work Association held a members only swap meet in March.

Picture showing the knives made by the speaker in their display boxes

This meeting was a departure from our usual wood working related presentations, as we were visited by David Vicary and Dale Sniffen, both members of the Manning Men’s shed who had brought a collection of their knives and leather work to show us.