Thumbnail for June 2022 general meeting
At this meeting some of our members talked about the jigs that they use in their work
Photo of some cockatoos created using marquetry
Tonight, we started off with members telling us about all the tips and tricks they had learned, when they had attended the marquetry workshop at Dwellingup.
Three different types of hinges were discussed in this meeting.
Laurie talking about the furniture he made with Mark
Laurie and Mark talk about their experiences making outdoor furniture, and Martin spoke about his upcoming marquetry course.
Photo of Kim Horne
Tonight’s guest presenter was Kim Horne who gave us a talk about “The Creative Design Process”
Thumbnail showing a board with hand cut dovetails at each end
A member's only dovetail that taught hand cut dovetails with a difference
Photo of Harry's box

Well, that was not the meeting that we wanted!! Without contact from our organised presenter we had to make alternative arrangements at short notice.

Allan Waugh got the meeting started by explaining that he and I had been visitors on the final day of the Collaboration workshop and that had inspired him to try something different and to try his hand at embellishment.

Photo showing the stocks of timber kept on hand for projects

The meeting seemed to start as soon as anyone came in through the doors, with members wandering off, asking questions and holding discussions around the different machines!

At 6pm Carolyn called us all together and introduced John Andrijic who welcomed us to South Coogee Joinery.

He said that his father had originally started the business, and they had moved to the current location some 80 years ago, making all sorts of joinery and cabinet work.

Box making was the topic of the October meeting. Martin Burgoyne and Tad Yamamoto spoke about the Japanese Incense Ceremony and the boxes that Martin made for Tad's wife and himself. Warren Murphy then spoke about the Jewellery boxes that he made for his extended family.
Photo of a can of Evolution Oil

Well, it was a bit different having to remember to bring our own chairs for a meeting, but a welcome change to be back at the Perth Wood School, Carolyn welcomed all the members present and got the AGM started straight away, once again this took a short time and our normal meeting was underway soon after.